Senior Wills of 1967

Senior Wills of 1967, THE HIGH TIMES, published Thursday, June 1, 1967


I, Phyllis Creasy, do will all my good times in D. O. class to all next year D. O. students, and my old notebook to my brother Roger.

I, Thomas Anderson, being of sound mind and body, would will everything I owe which isn’t very much, to my wife, but I’m not married.

I, Kathy Turner, will my brother Barrow, on Glass for next year – for better or worse –and to Preston Burnett I leave …

I, Debbie Beck, will to Kay Franklin a Police detector, to Mary Desmond pillows to use with recline/ng seats, and to Betty Mitchel a reserved place on Burnt Ridge Road.

I, Clyde Adams, will to Bill Judd a new Corvette Sting Ray; to H. R. Terrell, a good Triumph 650.

I, John Sparks, do will to Joe Mallow my ability to do math, one pair of socks, and one razor.

I, Henry Enochs, do will to Scott Harris one hopeful graduation in 1970 and Mrs. Miller one boy who skips homeroom every Friday.

I, Laura Morrison, will a free break in the lunchline to Roger Vaden and Charlie Farris, a used report card to my brother Tommy, and one Dead Frodo to the Critic.

I, Linda Peebles, will to Miss McIvor a VPI Pennant, to Susan Guthrie some track shoes, to Mr. Fielder, a replica of Noah’s ark.

I, Patsy Pollard, will Alfred the football field and a bunch of cows to Ann Dexter “no bugs my lady” and to Cordelia black spiders.

I, Ray Franklin, don’t will a darn thing to anybody.  I plan to take it all with me.

I, John Knowles, do will to Judy Dellinger, Peggy Leven, Diane Rush, and Linda Gibson my ability to “keep the faith” and to “say what.”

I, Barrie Buck, bequeath to the 4H’s one ticket to Halifax, one pair of slightly tarnished and bent horns and a trip from Charlottesville to Lynchburg on the lefthand side of the road.

I, Jimmy Garrett, being of questionable mind, do will to Danny, a safe place to smoke next year; and to Brenda, a clock without an alarm.

I, Scottie Smith, being of sound mind, do hereby leave to David Gibson my B and G guitar strings.

I, H. R. Terrell, do will something.

I, Isabel Watkins, leave to Barbara Alper the ancient farewell tribal song:  “may the soft warm winds from the east overcome the many, great obstacles twixt here and the sea blow the sweet, fragrant odor of sweaty, dead cock roaches through your nostrils.”

I, Sue Huff, do will Pam Hogan one bag of stale Senior Day candy for 1969 and I will Lee Coleman to E. C. Glass.

I, Glen Sterne, do will to Charley Brooks an appointment with the dentist for a haircut.

I, Ken Moore, do hereby will my chest to Ann Roberts and to Meg Callaham, a patch for her other eye.

I, Bobby Thomas, do will Coach Sherrill another Ann A., Mr. Wright another Bruce H., and Mr. Cerillo another Richard M.

I, Diane Miles, will to Martin a girl who’ll love him as much as he does, and to Eddie Martin, a six foot tab top chain.

I, John Ficor, will to Charlie Robinson, one fifth of gold paint.

I, LeRoy Helferstay, will my physics ability and my seat in Miss Pribble’s class to anyone who wants them and to Patricia, I will Jimmy.

We, Demaris Lipford, Donna Trent, and Kathy McKenna, will to Laura, Debbie, and Melinda, our college acceptances at Vassar, Smith, and Radcliffe.

I, Ann Helms, do will to all my teachers, especially Miss Cox and Mrs. Knipp, a lock of my hair.

I, Kenneth West, will C.F. my ability to look at scenery during certain hours of the day.

I, Sam Ripley, will nobody mothering – I need everything I can get.

I, Jim Tedder, will my charming personality, magnificent radio voice, and good looks to the undeserving souls – Casselbury, Glass, Schluderberg, and Geason.

I, Howie Castle, do will Mr. Milam one extra-long Beatle wig, a life-time supply of mod clothes, and 50 hours of detention hall.

I, Glenn Clements, will all of my ABC chewing gum to Mr. “Rough” RALFF Racer.

I, Linda Morgan, do hereby will my outstanding strength and muscle power to my brother, Dick.

I, Travis Glenn Collins, esq. ltd., being of a superior intellect, do hereby bequeath to Suzanne Armstrong, one bikini, or less, so that her presence may be revealed to all, and may she wear it with confidence.

I, Mike Morris, will to Herbert Zahonet my ability to take twenty pictures at a basketball game and have only one turn out.

I, Donna Almond, will to the under classmen the privilege of running from the first to the third floor, and to Miss Palmer, a quiet homeroom.

I, Preston Lawhorne, being of sound mind, will my Beatle albums to Mr. Racer, and to Charles Harris my ability to pass.

I, Susie Marsh, do leave the halls of E. C. Glass to the next High Times feature writer and a great summer ’67 to the “Group!”

I, Sid Akers, do will to David Tennessee Ernie Ford’s spiritual record albums, “Little Drummer Boy”, and Sherman J.

I, Roger Vaden, do hereby leave to Pete Ramsey dry socks, and to Duval and Midge a jug or two of nip on.

I, Ann Freeman, being of sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath to Mrs. Cothran all my borrowed music, and to Delores B. a book of translated French.

I, Dana Cole, will to Coach Hoffman, the Presidency of the Banana Republic, and to Howie Casselberry my Driver’s License.

I, Susan Norwood, as my last will and testament, do bequeath to my sister, Betty, one toast ‘em pop-up.”

I, Alan Bomar, will my ability to get a date with Lucille to Barry Ramsey, and my extra credits to Coach Terry Gravely.

I, Donna McCormick, as my last will and testament do bequeath to Cindy Gossam my ability to find a new partner on Tuesdays.

I, Delores Saunders, will my brains to Dianne Saunders and also all my problems.  I also will all my dear old school books to Alma Smith.

I, Susan Nicely, do will all of the dark, vacant corners of the halls to Brenda and Garry.

I, Linda Owens, do will my invaluable seat in Coach Hoffman’s class to the next unfortunate scholar.

I, Freddie Shelton, will my extra credits to Coach Terry Gravely, my Blue Ribbons and orange juice to David Weigand and the Appomattox Avalon Club to Jimmy “Bernard” Falwell.

I, Tommy Prince, will to David “Uncouth” Weigand my ability to drive over 500 feet without doing the “Weigand Shuffle,” and my extra credits to Coach Gravely.

I, Jimmy Falwell, will my extra credits to Coach Terry Gravely and my spelling ability to Coach Sherrill and reservations at the Sheraton Motel to Randy Campbell.

I, Susan Guthrie, do will Mr. Vermillion’s filing system to anyone who dares to take it on.

I, Wanda Clack, being of sound mind and body, do will to all underclassmen the rats behind the lockers.

I, Richard Morris, will to “Grain” Helms my head of hair so he can have something to comb, and to Meg Callahan my ring.

I, Barbara Jean Coleman, will my English book to Sandra Coleman, and to Mrs. Hitt my typewriter and all the typing that I had to do.

I, Andee Maddox, do will to David Simms to a tall “nice” girl (like me), a cute boy who can dance to Nancy, a steady for Linda, a basketball to Peggi, another D.H. to Ruth.

I, Rosy Epperson, leaky my leaky Esterbrook pen to S.W. and L.L. and my chewing gum to all my teachers.

I, Ronald Paxton, do will my fine car to whoever shall see fit to take it.

I, McKee Dunlap, do will any surplus of my good luck to Deak, and a new booby to Aub, and a fire truck with arm rests to Diane.

I, Jim Patterson, do will to Dick Morgan and Rob Amonette, one bottle of Mr. Mack wine.

I, Kenneth Maddox, hereby leave Medusa’s phone number and address to Randy Campbell and my 100 proof orange juice to Susan Tunkel.

I, Peggy Phillips, do will to Sherry Gordon a High Times average for her next two years and to Mr. Fielder a homeroom that is always present.

I, Suzan McClelland, do will to Mrs. Cothran a choir class which knows all the theory there is to know and which never sounds like oatmeal.

I, Mike Power, will to Clay White a telephone pole for future squeeze plays and to some lucky underclassmen my ability to play the cymbal.

I, Jim Duff, M. H., bequeath my huge horns and a new growth to Fuzz, a perpetual childhood for the Group, and Mud for the 4H’s Ducks.

We, Beth Connelly and Susan Dawson, do will panel skirts, stretched sweaters with holes, school-supported pep rallies, dirty shoe strings, ear to ear make-up, two excuses for college dances, sparkling personalities, good looks, $100 to pay for the goodies for the boys, fun and new friends to next year’s Varsity girls.

I, Rosalie Settle, being of weak mind and weaker body do will Steve Wiley my ability to stay calm and Pete Braves the ability to wring songs.

I, Sandi Kershaw, do will to Betty Gayle a Honda Key and a pilot’s license; to Chip H. a new clutch; and to C.F.E. my silver ring.

I, Judi Bruce, bequeath to Mrs. Knipp a much-needed bookkeeper and to Mr. Racer, all the homework I completed between 8:00 and 8:35 every morning.

I, Jean Vaughan, do hereby will to Mrs. Cothran the best of luck with her new choir next year and to Mr. Fielder, homeroom students that alway bring their excuses on time.

I, Cindy Ashwell, will to Margaret Hunt my little brother, Greg Edwards my car keys, Marsha a dream boy, and my brother a hard time.

I, Dan Lawrence, do will my ability to graduate (hopefully) to all the rest of the M.H.R.’s.

I, Claude Cordle, do will to Jean Cobb one Krispy Kreme doughnut and eighty blue horses to the Ralph Racer Foundation which will benefit Rex.

I, Linda Gibson, do will to Judy Dillinger and Peggy Levin a “keep the faith” button and to Elizabeth Freeman one air conditioned highway.

I, Mary Ann Vinson, do hereby will to B.V. my ability to get along with Miss Cox, and to M.L.C. and D.B. my cheese.

I, Emily Ware, do hereby bequeath to Gail Tweedy one piece of gum and to Elizabeth Freeman one Kleenex, in case of future basketball tournaments.

I, Lydia McCarthy, being of sound body, do will to Dale the bottom three steps to 301 provided he uses them as agreed.

I, Steve Ballowe, will to Deak Childress the name Ritzman, and Clark Wingfield the ability to dance.

I, Wanda Wells, do will to Tommy Nelson the power to keep the “cue” sticks hot at the pool hall.

I, Mary Calvert, being of sound mind and body, do will one duck to Sam and my permit to Diane and Toby.

I, Betty Adams, do will all my future absences with my husband to Miss Howell.

I, Wayne Helms, will my ability to graduate to Dick Lloyd, and when he does – I’ll give him an all expenses paid trip to Ormond Beach.

I, Ronnie Peters, will to “Kid Meeks” my ability to sell ads and my chemistry ability to anyone dumb enough to take Chemistry under Mr. Fielder.

I, Mary Lou Cronin, hereby leave a new duck and cracker crum6s to a ’66 graduate.  To M.A.V. – everything, and to all underclassmen MY SYMPATHY!

I, Ted Saunders, will that one should travel the road I followed, but if you do, travel it twice – WHEE!

I, Dewey Wright, will to Lucille Pudd one fine young man, John McKenna.  Ya’ll have fun now G.T.C.B.

I, Patty Bittle, do hereby will to my sister all my lockers, chair in band and R.E. an ever ready, everlasting battery.

I, Johnny Morris, do hereby will my “little brother: Dick, my front seat window in Coach Bradford’s Death Express and all the blue ribbons he wants.

I, Jim Ford, do will my ability and knowledge of stage work to anyone who thinks that he can put up with the director.

I, Mike Burnley, do hereby bequeath Mrs. Cob another Senior English Class like ours.

I, Rodney Ware, do hereby will to Mike Harrington a B.C. and to Ann Roberts a “booby trapper.”

I, Gene Sterne, do will to David Weigand, one handkerchief, one drummer boy album, and one album of hymns.

I, Craig Ellenfield, will to Miss MacGregor’s homeroom, Senior Day Decorations and the ability to skip homeroom, and to Lee Kerns my key to 107-B.

I, Pat Garnsey, do hereby will to Sam Meeks membership in Eta Gamma Chi “fraternity” and a spelling book with easy words to Miss Palmer.

I, Mary Wingfield, will to Kathy one Wayne, to Jennie one Mike Burnley, to Dennis – well guess, and to Mike, I will the Place.

I, Johnny Freese do will my ability to lose car insurance to anyone who wishes to walk awhile.

I, Brenda Garrett Brooks, will to S. Sheridan my seat in Miss Wiley’s Senior English class.

I, Linda Thomlinson, do will Kenny Wayne to Carolyn Burnette and will Linda Waller all the fun I have had at Glass.  Good Luck!

I, Jerry Armes, do will a can of Budweiser to Mr. Blunt, a pair of combat boots to Mr. Shenk, and two doughnuts to Mrs. Garrard.

I, G. G. Sydnor, do will to Karen B. subscriptions to Mad and Guideposts, and also a speed reading course.

I, David Marston, will to Mrs. Cothran a life-time supply of lumpy tapioca and to Owen Grant my ability to pass choir tests.

I, Chip Wood, do will to Miss Waller one subscription to “The News” and to Mr. Wright one perpetual motion machine (with lots of grease) and to the new senior class one smelly rose.

I, Martin Weigand, do bequeath to Jane Dooley my ability to speak to strangers, and to C.A. my ability to do what is right.

I, Karen Kirchner, bequeath all of my knowledge of the Old West to Susan, and my clipboard to Rhonda.

I, Sandy Crawford, will to Dicky Crickenberger one soft, cuddly pussycat, also to Mr. Racer, some White sand from Silver Springs Lake.

I, Dicky Crickenberger, will to Sandy Crawford all my old t-shirts to use as nightgowns.  To Kyle Childress, a cold hamburger, Lucky Boy.

I, Lawrence Nance, leave my two cold “Happy Gays” hot dogs and a free ride to lunch to Jerry Hitt.

I, Danny Rogers, bequeath my ability to pass Senior Spelling to Sharon Anderson Rogers and to Mike Hicks the ability to get along with the boss, (HaHa!!!)

I, Glennie A. Burks, do will Diane Noel my brain in Civics and my Business Law book that has all the answers marked.

I, David Noechel, leave Bunkil all my nuggies, and Pamela Rae a dime for her navel.

I, Bill Bartley, do will to all forthcoming students my ability to keep awake in classes and the privileges of doing anything they want to next year.

I, Darlene B., will to Cynthia a quiet lunch IN THE CAFETERIA.

I, Robert Coleman, in unsound mind and body do will Mr. Shields my brain and hair.

I, J. D. Logwood, do hereby will my assistant manager’s position to D.C. at Chestnut Hill Hardware and to Marcia Lynne Taylor, all the rest.

I, Judy Ann Cox, being of sound mind and body do herby will all my worldly goods and good knowleges to Mary Alice Layne and Penny Harris.

I, Bill Justis, do will to Jo Anne Gatewood, all my love through the coming years.

I, Diane Burford, will to Burdick one sandy-man equipped with his famous sleeper.

I, Betty Hutter, being of unsound mind, will my ability in English class to Douglas Cary and my ability in French to Jay Fleck.

I, Phyllis Harper, hereby will my ability to stay in school and work two places in one day to David Harper.

I, Chris Ryon, do will to Carroll Brooks his private pool room, to Catherwood the ability to float and to J.E. a set of car keys.

I, Betsy Welch, will to Glass the fun of moving into a new school to another new girl, and one stale cigarette to Susan G. (Susie-Q).

We, Dale Godsie and Bonnie Page, do will to Miss Waller five more civics classes like her sixth period one.

I, Jerry Clark, do hereby leave all my good luck to my brother Larry, and all my bad luck I leave to Virginia Marshall.

I, Ann Keeling, bequeath to Miss Wilkinson one vivacious, energetic, fourth year French class, and to Miss Wiley one all expenses paid trip to England.

I, Marvin Scott, do will to Mr.Turkel all my old magazine articles and newspaper clippings and to Trula M. a date next year.

I, Nancy Light, do will my ability to make Honor Roll without doing any homework to anyone who won’t mind flunking out in the first year of college.

I, Larry Ferguson, leave Patricia Campbell my ability to watch a movie and Mike Cox the ability to umpire as well as I can.

I, Giles Scott, will my sense of humor to anyone who wants it, and a big dose of cotton spittin’ cotton gin to Barry Hunter.

I, Eddie Stewart, do will my 1-A Classification to Coach Sheets, my Esterbrook 8440 to Mr. Burmahln, and the remainder to Donna A.

I, Dianne L. Burns, being of sound mind will to George in 146 my “blush-on” and to Becky her one and only.

I, J. J. Garland, do will my drinking glass and place on the “Outer Limits” floor to Mike Mayberry; and Bud Martin to Lynn Kranz.

I, Lee Parrish, do will to Mr. Turkel, one apperceptive eye, to Mike Davis, and to Mark Faulconer, my disabilitites.

I, Gene Moore, being of sound mind (?) do hereby bequeath one auditorium to Paul Bryant, and five pounds of hamburger to “Geep” Howell.

I, Bobby Marshall, will my locker mouse trap to Kathy Wilson, all my great English grades to Crum, and all my love to Cookie.

I, Judy Melton, upon graduation, will my old shorthand notebooks to Kay and will all my special singing groups to Jo Ann Owens.

I, John Mitchell, hereby dedicate Mr. Blunt my night of loyal service, and to Gary Friend all my common sense and skills.

I, Norma Keatts, being of sound mind, do will to George in 146 a new figure and a can of hairspray.

I, Duke Trevillian, do will my ability to outwit cops.

I, Kathy O’Keeffe, do will my jovial disposition to Steve Schewel, my sarcasm to Anne Roberts, and my ability to stay out of trouble to Joan Lollis.

I, Janet Gibson, do will to next year’s majorettes “Peace,” to Ray New one tint dress, to Suzanne Armstrong a marriage license, to Patsy Brown the J.M. title.

I, Allen Rickmon, do will my old blue shirt to Kathy Bibb, and my motor scooter to Nelson Whitehead.

I, Sharon Wood, will to Pat Garnsey, Susie Marsh, Janet Scott, Twidda Cheves, and Vicki Hogan a “bareback” ride.

I, Kyle Childress, will to all of you “lucky people” my seat in Coach Hoffman’s room and the Colonial Lounge.

I, Cindy Hargis, do hereby will the whole locker, complete with brown paper bags, to S.F. for the rest of the year.

I, David Tibbs, will my infamous ruby studded, gold-plated comb and brush set to Jerry Salmon, and my golden arm and glove to Charlie Robinson.

I, Janette Anita Booth, will all my success and happiness to underclass students.

I, Bonnie Dull, do will my sister, Annie, all the Happiness and fun, in her three years at Glass, as I had in four.

I, Cindy Stevens, do will the next Senior Class Treasurer all the time in the world and the ability to hold your temper and come out with a smile.

We, the homeroom of 212, do will to Mr. Fielder a quiet studious homeroom and less red tape on his field trips.

I, Donna Morcom, do hereby will to all the Glass girls – the boys at Amherst, and hope they have more luck than I did.

I, Dorothy Magee and Anne Campbell, do will all our anonymous phone calls to Black and to the strong man that can bend cans on his head, Remember us to Surry Lane.

I, Fred Martin, do will to Jack Stevens, my ability to stay in school, and ability to drink without getting tanked.

I, Steve Owen, will Mr. Wright’s future physics classes better sea stories, and to Leslie Baker my intelligence to graduate and join the Navy.

I, Linda Kirby, do will my freckles and all my southern qualities to my northern friend, Rich Stratton.

I, Shelby Kessler, bequeath to Jeffre Sue Hudson my toe shoes and certain partners, Linda Harris and D.W. a grin; and to adagio boys better lifts.

I, Shelia Stevens, do hereby will Miss Wiley a one way ticket to England and to Leroy Poe a Rustburg goodie!

I, Brenda Miller, being of sound soul and mind do hereby will all my earrings to Mrs. Burmahln and my typewriter to anyone who wants it.

I, Elaine Bosiger, being of sound mind, will to George in 146 a new name and my ability to eat in Miss Hughes class.

I, Aurela, do will to all Amherst High students, especially John Eggleston, the opportunity to go to a great school like Glass.

I, Sandra Litchford, being of sound mind and judgment, will my sister Patricia my seat in Miss Conson’s Civics class.

I, Jane Eagle, will to Katherine Campbell my seat in Miss Wiley’s senior English class and to Patricia Litchford, my wonderful figure.

I, Kenneth Lindsey, bequeath Charlie Brooks my handkerchief, and my knowledge in Electric Shop to all the E II’s; especially Dan Smelser.

I, Dwayne Moody, will to Hollingsworth, one big sweet Marine.

I, Gene Fontaine, do will to Dale Wright my 12 shares of Blue Ribbon Stock and to Thorn McCraw my date.

We, Patsy Sorrel and Carol Kilmon, hereby will Miss MacGregor a red pen to replace the one she wore out signing permits for us.

I, Danny Elmore, will to Bob Gunn a year’s supply of pumpkins, to Mr. Fielder a bowl of prunes, and to Melvin Drumheller a crash helmet.

I, Brenda Marston, do will to Richard Crickenberger, his ability to graduate finally, in 1967 with no detention hours, and $1.50 for a haircut.

I, Don Fuqua, do will my ability to Auto Shop to my daddy, Mr. Reed.

I, Judy Wade, will Janet Neighbors a thrift box, which she needs.

I, Randy Bagby, will all my used and broken resisters to Mr. Shields, and to Coach Hoffman a new “Henny Penny.”

I, Nat Gilfoyle, leave Cindy Houlaires the V.P.I. efficiency in Chemistry Scholarship; Randy Wallace and David Pugh my “How to Boogaloo in six easy lessons” book.

I, Janet Scott, do hereby will to anyone who wants it, my ability to let my friends run my life.

I, Terry Ford, will Billy James the ability to shoot pool and Roger Vaden a big-fat monkey.

I, Kathy Blackwell, will a roll of peppermint lifesavers to Miss Cox, my Fox to Thorne McCraw and my polluted blood and ability to fight to Gene.

I, Wiley Green, do will to the I.C.T. class of ’68 luck and understanding of the test you will get every Monday.

I, VeLinda Hurt, do hereby will Cheryl Ashwell my seat in English class next year and to Sue Fulcher a hard time.

I, Michael Hartless, do bequeath to Wayne Toler and Judy Hackett, a sick Ford with a burnt out clutch and his driver’s license.

I, Bobby Blum, gladly will to Mary Coolidge six easy teachers next year and to Bill Blum, the ability to pass everything next year.

Upon Paul Reginald Bryant, I, Sheila Page, do hereby bestow my infamous toe ring; and to Mrs. Mayberry, some Mexican Wedding cakes.

I, Douglas Cary, declare on my right as a senior that Bitsy avoid the boys, and Rocky avoid the Draft, but not the beer.

I, Richard Hill, will to Coach Hoffman ten free lessons ten hand gyrations and a year’s supply of bananas from Banana Republic.

I, Donna Fore, do will to Peggy Layne all the “Rustburg Boys: she can handle.

I, Brenda Steger, do will to Cheryl Crews my ability to keep on both sides of an argument and to Brenda Dudley my “backyard bikini.”

I, Carolyn Gillette, do will Alma Smith all my ability to fail.

I, Warren Bowling, leave to Miss Hankins my ability to aggravate, agitate, instigate, and disagree in hopes she will use it and enjoy life.

I, Bobby Evans, will to Duval McDaniel, a correspondence course in self-improvement in hopes that he may overcome his native inferiority.

I, Charles Gardner, will to Butch Definliaugh dieting plans, Eddie Martin my ability to pronounce Spanish words and accent.

I, Pam Burg, will to DeDe and Toby an “open air taxi” and to the trunk, I hope the bark rots.

I, Charles Sanders, will Mrs. Miller a bunch of flowers upon my departure.

I, Cece Dillard, will a bag of firecrackers to Sara Cobb, and a tube of sugar bisque lipstick to Dorie Dillard and Susan Gibson.

I, Terry Gravely, will Coach Hoffman 12 volumes of Perry Mason, and one Little Book on Goldie Locks.

I, Larry Trent, do herby leave to Donna, a new nickname; to Gloria, longer hair; and to Holly a size 22 ½ AAA.

I, Sandra Bell, will to my brother Steve, my brain in Math and English; to Roger Wilkes and Mr. Reid hard rolls and flat “burgers.”

I, Phil Ramey, will to Coach Hoffman a pair of snapping hands and a Batman costume to wear while his Volkshonda, “of course.”

I, Mike Christian, do will to James Gilley any extra credits I may have and to Killis Howard the ability to hold the guitar pick.

I, Betty Bryant, do will W.S. my ability to be on time and M.L., my good times.

I, Chumly, do hereby will to Bill Whitmore all the games I’ve been playing this year that he hasn’t figured out.

I, Judy Hackett, being of sound mind, do will my ability to pass senior spelling to Wayne.

I, Darlene Staples, will to Ronnie Garrett, my ability to drink straight, a bottle of Smearnofs Vodka, 90% proof.

I, Larry Haley, do will to Mrs. Knipp one slightly used radiator and one can of pink paint.

We, homeroom 226, will to Miss Palmer, one dictionary, in hopes that she will learn to pronounce the word “nectar” for future spelling lessons.

I, Bill Coleman, will to Mr. Racer one Silver Bear.

I, Karen Lee, will to Carolyn Woolridge the ability to be engaged.

I, Carolyn Brown, do will Diane Thompson my ability to operate the mimeographer.

I, Ricky Wood, will to Walter Deacon, my ability to pass under Coach Sheets and all my extra points.

I, Chiquita Gardner, being of sound mind do will Mrs. Garrard another homeroom like she’s had for the past four yours.

I, Janie North, being 11,000 miles away will my cap and gown to Philippa Robert, one unfinished story “Impressions of New Zealand: to G. G. Sydnor, and an eight month supply of air mail stamps to Jim Duff.

I, George Moseley, will Mike Hollingworth my ability to shoot “Groucho’s,” “The Group,” an everlasting childhood, and Mary Ann Potter, an autographed copy of my first novel.

I, Johnny Coffee, do hereby will the privileges of the cafeteria to anybody that wants them.

I, C. E. Green Jr., do hereby will a field trip to the Drag Strip to Edward Martin including all the final benefits.

I, Becky Burruss, will to my brother, Jim, the “Bougaloo” and Meg Simpson.

I, Julian Worley, do will all my girls to Kenneth Hadges (G.D) and all of my brains to Walter Deacon.

I, Irene Caldera, do bequeath to Mrs. Knipp my famous “words to the wise” and to Mrs. Fore I leave my complete “knowledge” of French.

We, Ann Costan, Becky Burruss, and Linda Turner, being of the soundest body, do will the “Sweetheart Club” a road map to Hampden-Sydney, a key to the Phi-Gam cabin, and everybody we didn’t get.

I, Steve Kious, do will to Chip Harris my ability to cut up in band without getting caught; and to Pepper, one yellow catapiller.

I, Peggy Burch, will to any student the ability to graduate from Glass, and to the work required of him without cracking up first.

I, Jimmy Burnette, will my ability to drink “Bubble-up” and stay “out” of jail to anyone going to Virginia Beach.

I, Helen Hurst, do will to Clay White and Mike Cox one big snake and one little anteater.

I, Jackie Miles, do bequeath to Mrs. Wilkes my intellectual ability for one year and to Miss Howell a good description of my working experience.

I, Alice Parker, do will my old clipboard to my brother Ronnie –it’s good for another year, anyway.

I, Louanne Pahel, do will to the flute section of the E. C. Glass Band the abilities to talk while playing their flutes and to listen while talking.

I, Randy Wallace, bequeath to Mike Harrington a tight fist, Tommy Ficor my golf clubs and sweet disposition, and especially Clark Wingfield one buzzer.

I, Ryland Tuck, do hereby will to Troy East a life time subscription to E. C. Glass; and to Linda Moore, a one way ticket to V. M. I.

I, Sara Lee, will to some innocent, the Bloodmobile in its entirety with regards from the “cow school” and to Kim Eisler, a new cause at least once every three months.

I, Virginia Kelly, do will Sharon Allen my ability to be true, and George in 146 my spirited character.

I, Steve Smith, do bequeath my expert driving ability and position as Grand master of the Brew for Lunch Bunch, to Henry Pitzer.

I, David Weigand, do hereby will my spotless reputation to any underclassman capable of upholding my high standards.

I, Bev Hutter, do will Barry Hunter an official Brown-noser Badge and a lost contact, and to the girls of AX sorority, a $200 deficit.

I, Leigh Suhling, do leave some hilariously funny soul, who is constantly falling down, to sit beside Robin Read in French next year.

I, Tommy Saunders, do will to my official follower “Chip” Higginbotham, my job in the mile and two mile, and Bobby Hedrick my drafting ribbons.

I, Gail Tucker, do will to Dianne Tucker and Joan Whorley, two good looking boys.

I, Barry Ramsey, hereby leave my extra credits to Coach Gravely, my kooler and present contents to Randy Campbell and my reservations at the Sheraton to David Weigand.

I, Steve Holloran, will J.T. to Garry Friend; L.G. some sex-appeal; and to Mr. Hitt a new suit with accessories.

We, Bob Snell and Jo Anne Dellinger, leave two semi-used memberships in the NHS, two deeply worn chairs in detention hall and highway directions to Richmond to anyone who needs them.

I, Rachel Cooper, leave my cousin David, one bottle of Sherry.

I, John Swann, will my pleasant disposition to Mrs. Knipp and leave my true love Anne Roberts to any one who can find her.

I, Hal Craddock, do will “Coach” Hoffman the ability not to say “of course” and spectacles that won’t slide down his nose.

We, Bobby Anne Nemeyer and Becky Smith, leave our membership in the after-midnight club to anyone who isn’t going steady at the time, and to Victor Samuels, we will a muzzle.

I, Peggy Moore, do hereby will to Coach Sherrill a snapshot of himself to be hung in the front lobby.

I, Carl Gaines, do will to Coach Sheets a new pair Combat Boots for future kicks.

I, Deborah Twery, do gladly will my green truck to anyone who thinks he can handle it and especially to those girls who have to drive their dates.

We, Nat, Joyce, Cordelia, and Laurie, leave Kathy Gray our supp-hose and our “Don’t Let them call you skinny” pamphlets which which have been so successful.

We, Mona, Joyce, Doni, Ann, Susan, and Nat, leave Glass with Mr. Milan knowing that no comparable beauty, wit or charm remains – unless maybe with Wennerstrom!

I, Peggi Tucker, being of sound mind, etc. do will to Mr. Fielder one woman with a complete knowledge of valences; to Robyn Read a year’s supply of used diets and one can of pet repellant to Carolyn Day.

I, Spider Schluderberg, do hereby bequeath all my elbow grease to Fonda Peters, and R. Stroken of H. R. 269.

I, Susan Sutor, do hereby will to Coach Sherrill a homeroom student who does everything right, and to Sue Wilkes, Fox Hill Road and Judy Collins.

I, Bob Ray, will to Donna Schewel M.B.

I, David Marks, will to Mary Duncan a chest protector and a baseball bat to do with as she see fit.

I, Laura Watkins, do hereby will Coach Sherrill a photographer to take his picture once a week for the society page of the newspaper.

I, Charles Moody, do bequeath to anyone who will have it my great ability at golf and tennis and my veeblefletzer to Miss Wiley.

I, Pat Cheves, do will to “The Group” the knowledge of Lakey and to Tim Doss one “George Peach.”

I, Bob Ray, will the first two points in every basketball game to anyone (except Tom Trice), and my ability to hit a baseball to Dickie Hadlock.

I, Jimmy Connor, do will to Deak Childress the ability to “Shoot ‘em and win” and a one-way ticket to Detroit.

I, Donald Reynolds, will to Mrs. Knipp any student who can prove her wrong about anything that she says is right.  No es posible!

I, Reb Sydner, will to all Banal Basils one brass bell and to J.H. plenty of sour grapes.

I, Cathy Gray, will Mrs. Cobb a class next year like her fifth period.  Also Mr. Hales all business law books there are.

I, Debbie Allen, do will to Glen Sterne, much success in the future making a beeline to Appomattox on Saturday night; hoping Donna doesn’t know.

I, Allen Howerton, do will Miss Whitehead problem on Pages 305-306, sin – cos 12 - 3 and Mike Harrington a night on the town with B.C.

I, Bob Gunn, will to S.R.A. two large antlers and to J.H. and C.F. one fifth of prune juice and a red t-shirt.

I, Charles Hutter, do will to Allan Peebles 100 pounds of muscle.

I, Betty Rohr, do will Isabel ten dozen Christmas bows, Linda Turner a doorman, and Sandy a naval academy pen and four o’clock plane reservations.

I, Brenda Olson, do hereby will to Phyllis one pair of chunky little babylegs, to Sandy one toe-bow, and to Deborah one pair of infection proof ears.

I, Frank Robertson, do hereby will to Jane Wilson a date with a certain basketball player.

I, Emily Sublett, do will Mr. Hales a fifth period class as great as the one this year.

I, Mary Lou Burgess, do will Freddie my art talents.

I, James Garland Hanks, being that I am not slick, do will my ability to stay away from “Good Buddy” to Leroy, Elvin, and the gang.

I, Ernest Knuckles, do will to Jack Lee Stevens, on pair of super “sweet lips” and a copy of “the engine’s mithing and the fan belt’s thlipping,” to plan ‘til his heart’s content.

I, Vickie Hogan, do will my Va. Tech T-Shirt to Pat Cheves or Susie Marsh, whichever one it fits.

I, Claudia Tuck, of not so sound mind and body, will to Reid Rosser my ability to get out of homeroom and all my love.

I, Richard Dearing, bequeath my extraordinary knack of saying the wrong thing, at the wrong time, with the wrong person looking over my shoulder, to anyone who needs it.

I, Holly Scott, do hereby will my duster to Clar Winfiled and Deakie and to Mr. Shenk, at least three more girls in Mechanical Drawing 1.

I, David Burgess, will Mrs. Garrard some new chairs and clean windows.  And my ability to speak Spanish to Mike Parker.

I, Barbara Osborne, do will Debbie Huffman and Catherine Campbell all my days of perfect attendance.

I, Bill Porter, do will to Jim Booth my ability to sleep through physics class and still do well.

I, Ronnie Driskill, do will to Hamilton Harper, one rose bud and a Willy’s bird.

I, Michael Hammock, will to Mrs. Cothran, a choir room full of lumpy tapioca and cough drops, and to Coach Gravely, extra credits.

I, Michael Conrad Weiss, will to Gregory Allen Edwards all my 8:35 lounge privileges and my class rank.

I, Ruby Swain, leave my good looks and many “men” to Clevonne; the ability to pronounce R-U-B-Y to Coach Hoffman; and the ability to party to Goody.

The “Group”, being of questionable mind, does will George Moseley our “everlasting childhood” back, and hope he has as much fun with it as we had.

I, Ray Bailey, do hereby will to Betty Mitchell, my lifetime permit to roam the halls, and the seat right in front of Mrs. Knipp’s desk.

We, Anne Griggs and Gayle Martin, will to Coach Sheets a recording “boys stop talking” and 100 blue horses for Dickie Crickenberger’s debt; Mr. Racer “cough drops;” Coach Hoffman a new rooster; Steve Authur and Anne Moore a new friend; Aubrey Mason 10c.

I, John Weary, do will one perfect student to Miss Wiley and bunch of bull to Coach Hoffman.

I, Bruce Harvey, do will to Mr. Wright one crowbar and to Bruce Christon a bottle of “sweeta.”

I, Bonnie Drumheller, hereby will my ability to go to school everyday to Theresa and Bobby Jones.

I, Erle Scott, will to Laura Lee Spencer my overwhelming ability to do math and my hustler’s ability in playing pool.

I, David Johnston, will my keen sight to Pam Newell for spotting places left unwashed on my HONDA, and my superior intelligence to the deserving.

I, Martha Mead, will E. C. Glass to anybody who want it and to Coach Sheets, my little red book.

I, Bev Davies, do will to Steven Wiley an idiotic guitar picker who can glide through a situation and not do a bit of work.

I, Steve Hooten, so will my ability to be right all the time to Coach Sherrill who never seems to be right.

I, Robert Smith, do hereby will my knife and beanie to Coach Bryan’s future B-Ball teams.

I, Al Drumheller, hereby will my excess weight to John Dean, as I need $10.00 more than he does.

I, Mike Thompson, will Virginia Beach to Virginia Blanks, two jugs to Marty Duncan, Henry to Nicky and an iceberg to Susan B. and Meg S.